How to secure your home this Festive Season

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With Christmas decorations and travel plans for the festive season already in full swing, home owners need to be reminded about the safety factors involved not just when taking long trips or simple visits to the mall, but as well as your family's safety while relaxing at home.

Owner of Remax Masters, Glenn Norton advises: "Whether you have just moved into a new home, going away for Christmas, or staying at home for the festive season, it's essential to ensure your security measures are up-to-date to reduce risk of your property being targeted by burglars."

Testing and upgrading security
Test your alarm system prior to leaving for your holiday. Ensure that your system is loud enough and is fully functional. Inform your security company of your holiday dates so that they will also be on alert. Before you and your family depart on holiday or a visit to the mall, ensure that all doors and windows are secured and locked. With smart technology, you can even monitor your home via your cellphone or laptop when you are away.

Secure valuables
Ensure that your valuables are locked away in a safe and out of sight. Whether you are going on a long trip or a visit to a relatives house, make sure that your most prized possessions are out of sight should an intruder break in. Also, when going out, keep your car and house keys safe. If a criminal knows where you live or which is your car in the parking lot they can easily steal your keys from you and drive off. In addition, do not keep your house keys and other valuables in your car during the festive season.

Social media
Do not advertise to the "public" on your social media accounts that you will be going away, be it holiday or just an outing. Instead you may change your settings on your accounts to include just your closest friends and restrict public viewing and sharing. When you are back, you can change your settings once more to include the public and other friends.

Alert a trusted person
It would be a good idea to alert a trusted friend, neighbour, or family member to do regular check-ins while you are away on holiday. They can take out the rubbish bins, feed your pets and water your plants. Accumulated letters in a postbox is a sign that criminals look out for when targeting homes during the festive season, ensure that there is someone allocated to collect them. Also look into acquiring the services of a house-sitter. Ensure that the sitter comes with good references and can be trusted.

Have a light on
You can automate your outside lights to go on or off at particular times. Have a light on outside so that neighbours will be able to see if intruders are in your yard. This will also intimidate intruders as they may second guess if the house is empty or not. On the flip side, criminals also take notice if the light is being switched off during the day. Having your lights on throughout your holiday is not only expensive but a sign that you are not at home to turn them off.

Securing your home this festive season is essential. If you are going away on holiday or simply spending your days at home, you should evaluate your safety concerns and identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by intruders. Contact RE/MAX Masters today to get more insight on the safe neighbourhoods you should be considering for your next home.

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