Simple DIY festive decorating tips

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Having your home sparkling with festive cheer is a must for the jolly season. Especially if you plan to entertain guests who you wish to leave in awe. There is no need to spend a fortune this festive season on decorating your home. If you need some inspiration, you and your guests will love these simple DIY tips:

Create a Candy Bar
Just about everyone loves candy. You can create a hard to resist "candy bar" on a side table with clear lidded jars in various sizes to "wow" your guests. They can be filled with colourful sweets, marshmallows, or candy floss. Leave scoops and small bags on the table so your guests can indulge in their favourite treats, as well as take away some candy for the road. Mini Santa chocolates are a great way to enforce the festive element.

Table decorations
If you are having a dinner party this festive season it is wise to keep the table decorations simple. Place a Christmas ornament here or there to add a touch of dazzle to the table setting. A Christmas cracker for your guests is always a winner at the dinner table. Opt for festive green or red candlesticks for the table or customize plain pillar candles with colourful ribbon trims wrapped around their bases. Printing a recipe on small decorative cards for your guests to take home is a good way for them to always remember the dinner party.

Use gifts as decoration
Wrap your Christmas gifts early and use them as décor under your lovely decorated tree. Use colourful gift wrap, bows, tags, and ribbons to make your gifts into beautiful décor instead of hiding them away in your cupboards. You can also stack them throughout your home on tables. If you have a staircase you can display your gifts on the steps. Wrap festive green garlands on your handrails and anchor it with metallic gold or rich red bows for a warm Christmas welcome. Also, don't forget to display festive greeting cards that you have received.

Recycle and Reuse
Your old holiday decorations can be given new life. A quick spray of evergreens and gold, add on fancy ribbon and it will be as good as new. Leave Santa and reindeer ornaments by the window or on the table to give it a fancy look while Christmas balls can be placed in jars. Depending on the size of the ornament, you can also place them outside on the porch.

Light it up
Christmas lights are a must have for the festive season. The more the merrier! Place strobes of lights on trees outside if you do not want to light up your roof. They will add a minimalist yet elegant look to your yard. Ensure that the lighting is not damaged as faulty wires may start unwanted fires. Apply this caution to the lighting inside your home as well. Subtle lighting indoors with a few lit candles will give the room a cozy festive feel.

Festive cheer
Festive background music will compliment your décor style in any room. Pull out those old Christmas records or CDs and use them as a display. Allow your guests access to your playlist so they can also have an input on the music selection.

Do you love these easy and simple DIY festive decorating tips but have not found the perfect home to add your creativeness to? Contact RE/MAX Masters today and we will assist you in finding the coziest of homes for you and your family to celebrate the festive season in style.


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